Our Customized Target Group

Our target group will determine our success in our strategy focused on making a difference. The segment we have determined in our strategy to customize our target group is our dynamic farmers aiming at technology and agricultural production at the same time. Our farmers who can use up to date communication tools for deliberate agriculture and productivity, who are aware of the right price strategy with the aim of obtaining superior values and who are aware of the value, yield and return they obtain, are included in our customized group. In line with the needs of our farmers, our main goal is to solve the existing soil and plant based problems, to finalize the solutions we produce and to raise the awareness of the whole group in this direction. Our one to one and fast responses to the needs aim to increase the gains in terms of the farmer group we have customized. The fact that we can immediately turn our production line into a special production center in line with the demands of the farmer, supports our strong dynamic.

Our Segment Distinction

Our segment is distinguished by our high level solution focus that is not only cost-oriented, but also targeting the right cost. The farmers and producers who aim for quality harvest by developing a common metabolism in countries where a wide range of agricultural products are cultivated, enable us to narrow our segment choice and to provide the right service in plant protection products. We aim to enable costs to provide result oriented profit to our farmers in this segment and enable solution to work correctly in all climatic conditions. In this direction, we enable them to obtain high efficiency with low cost and to increase their technical awareness. We regulate our price policies every year by focusing on global conditions, the development of the countries to which our production extends and simultaneous expectations of the farmers.

Superiority in Brand Value

The structural difference of the superiority of which we have determined the characteristics, is the fact that it is problem solving oriented, offers incomparable privileges to farmers and completes information transformation and feedback in the fastest way for the correct result of the service. Our main goal is to apply and analyze current developments so that brand value can have all effects at the global level. Our distinguishing features are ability to develop high speed communication and to solve problems in the agricultural sector and being integrated. Our values that create unchallengeable difference are to present digital transformations to our farmers, develop a customized communication network and have it used, maintain our technology investments that enable us to talk about current problems in the same language in the field.

High Demand, Uncompromisable Value

Some rote strategies appear as a promise for products and services at prices below the market average. However, our strategy is to maintain the right rate in pricing, no matter how high demand rises. Making no compromises on the product’s values is our red line. Because in the field of agriculture, what is corresponding to the product and production is not only to create a cost in proportion to the cost and demand, but also to create sustainable value and sustainable demand. For this reason, farmers and producers that we have customized as a segment, continue to gain from our services by focusing on the future.